Saturday, May 28, 2011

Push It Real Good!

Part of my job at the electronics distributor I work for is to put together training presentations and booths that showcase a certain product or technology.

The product manager for one of the switch companies that we carry brought this fancy piezo button to my desk, and asked me to build something around it. Naturally, I chose to build a manual gate module for my modular.

The gate level adjusts the voltage out from 0-8V. This is run into one side of the button. The button is connected to the gate out jack. It is also connected to Ken Stone's gate to trigger converter and normalled to the CV input of Harry Bissell's Morph-Lag.

The button itself is kind of interesting. Like I said, it is a piezo switch. It will not stay on for as long as it is pushed. The contacts will "close" for up to a second, depending on how hard it is pushed.

More info about the button is available on this page.

It has been a fun exercise to put together, but I think a regular button or force-sensing resistor would be better for this application, especially considering the price. It looks pretty cool though, and it can withstand pressure washing!

One last thought...I would add an LED next time to show the state of the switch.