Sunday, January 22, 2012

And then it was blacker, and bluer

This module has a 5Pulser from Ian Fritz, a Yusynth Saw Animator and multiples and attenuators in the middle. The 5Pulser and Saw Animator take a sawtooth wave input and turn it into a whole lot more. My one VCO now sounds WAY fatter! Check Youtube for demos, as I have yet to invest in good recording equipment.

Here is my whole system after the re-knobbing and new module. I'm started to get excited as it comes together. I have a few modules to go before it really makes sense as a complete system that will be a big part of my sound, and more importantly, give me a voice to express myself musically again. I was really just starting to gel with the last modular that I had before going to school, but that's life. This one is already better in a lot of ways and will only improve as I put more modules together.


  1. About those knobs: you say "1900 clones from small bear". Whats their "real" brand?

  2. I do not know. You would have to contact Small Bear Electronics for that information.